Monday, 16 May 2011

Finding an Obstetrician in Manila: Is there a doctor in the house?

So we now know there’s going to be a bit of a delay before we can get my girlfriend’s passport, let alone apply for the visa. That means we need an Obstetrician.
But where to start, my girlfriend isn’t sure…and given that I’m from out of town (about 6000 kms out) I’ve got no idea. One of the things that I’ll find most frustrating through this whole experience is simply not knowing who to call or talk to. Back home in Australia, I’d have no problems…but in Manila I’m at a loss.
A quick check on the internet leaves us none the wiser….I find listings for hospitals but that’s about it. Eventually after chatting to a couple of local contacts we decide on Makati Medical…everyone says it's a bit pricey but a fairly good standard.
This turns out to be a good move…a relatively new hospital, with good facilities and competent staff. We were able to get everything we needed (blood tests, ultrasound etc.) all at the one location. They are a little pricey compared to your average Manila clinic, but it’s all relative….a consultation costs about 700 pesos, which equates to about 17 Australian dollars (try getting a OB consult for that back in Oz!!)
All up for our first round of consultation and tests we spent about $140 dollars….literally cheap at twice the price.
We knew that we’d need to find another doctor closer to my girlfriend’s (now fiancée’s) house if she ended having to give birth in the Philippines though, as Makati Med was just too far away…but that would be a problem for another day.
Perhaps you’re wondering about the results of the test…all good!
My recommendations for full service medical centres in Metro Manila:
1)      Makati Medical
2)      Saint Lukes
Next…Getting the Passport.
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